For some time now (starting from the year we will not mention), traveling abroad has become a real adventure and not in the best sense.

Every day we are showered with news about strains that quickly shorten the distance to our airways. Therefore, before the upcoming departure from Bulgaria, it is easy to feel as if you were a character in a Hollywood action movie*. 

That‘s why, when we received the brief of our long-term partner Bulstrad Life to make an online campaign for travel insurance, the message came naturally. And it went live on social media in 2021.

But what about the good old times when we only needed a ticket and some luggage to get on the plane? Traveling was a sweet experience back then. That's why we can't help but also show you the first online campaign we created for the same insurance product at the end of 2019.

Its message goes like "Traveling is a sweet experience - enjoy it with proper insurance".

*As the original campaign is in Bulgarian, the creatives are based on the idiom “Вкарвам се във филма“ (I put myself into the screenplay). It is used when someone is being overly dramatic and overthinks to the point where they are placing themselves in a movie screenplay happening only in their head.

2019 BC*

*before covid

2021 AC*

*after covid