Hello, I’m Diana! – this is how everything started in the year 2017.

When BNP Paribas Personal Finance gave us the brief for a TV spot about their personal loan we didn’t even imagine what a long story was about to begin.

Our task was to present the benefits of the loan in a way that stands out among all competitors in the overcrowded TV environment. Many brainstormings, ideas, and castings later, the character of Diana was born. With her came to life the first TV commercial of BNP Paribas Personal Finance that was fully produced in Bulgaria.

Diana quickly became people’s favorite, and her direct address to the viewer undoubtedly made her unforgettable. Through the years, her character continued to grow as did our ideas and skills to show her story. There were, of course, new briefs and new characters thank to which, in three years, we had the pleasure to create several TV spots.

Let’s start from the beginning.

2017 Year

Producer: Flame
Director: Николай Павлов