Bring more color in the corporate world – this is how we can summarize the goal, with which, in 2019, we started the interior rebranding in the head office of BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

As the architects of Ivo Petrov Architects have already reconstructed the space, it was up to us to fill it with design. Two floors, dozens of halls, and several departments later, we had it - more light, comfort, and open spaces, which (we believe) made working hours in the office much more enjoyable.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance trusted us (Thank you for that!), and soon after the end of the work on Head Office, we began rebranding all front offices in Bulgaria. A wonderful project that continues to this day.

What was the reason? Going to the bank office in itself causes some concern among customers. However, when the space is colorful, cozy, and adapted to the specific services used by the client, the tension is significantly reduced. This is exactly the goal we are striving for together with Architectural Studio Unic: a cozy and comfortable bank office you will want to visit.

BNP Paribas PF
Central office

Architect: Ivo Petrov – Architects


BNP Paribas PF
Client offices

Architect: Architectural Studio Unick