The new look of PB Personal Finance credit cards meets the core objective – a sense of innovation combined with high functionality. The vertical design and color selection collaborate to create a fresh appearance, making the PBPF card inevitably stand out among the rest.

Keywords: innovative, modern, neon

“We chose this design for the current credit cards because it met our main request: a modern and innovative card that is out of the box.

  • Different from all the rest – fresh, colorful, distinctive.
  • It closely resembles the cards issued by Neo banks, which are inherently associated with innovation, fast digital processes, excellent customer experience.
  • They provide the necessary security as the main card data is on the back and remains “invisible” at first glance during payment.
  • They are vertical, and we have wanted to test this option for a long time.”

Lyudmila Raykovska,
Head of Marketing, CX & CSR at PB Personal Finance